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Tired and Wired

Today as I was running past some fast food outlets I noticed a truck doing deliveries. It caught my attention because it was delivering one of the popular caffeinated drinks consumed by many (mostly) young people. It contains 161mg of caffeine! It made me think about how the market has driven companies to formulate these products. Society, by and large, demands that we keep up with the rat race, keep going all day, work long hours, work all week and weekend. These days we always are near some form of communication, a mobile phone, a computer, laptop or tablet, everyone can get hold of us at any time. There is an expectation to be available 24/7. So many people end up with adrenal exhaustion from stress, stress that causes a false fright or flight state, false because it becomes permanent. Then these same people need something to keep them going because the adrenal fatigue causes great tiredness and they turn to stimulants, the most prevalent being caffeine. And so they end up wired…and tired.

What would be so much more energising is allowing oneself the time to relax, go for a walk in the bush, sit by the ocean and breathe in the sea air, listen to the birds in the trees. Sleep late once a week, eat nutritious food, switch off the gadgets, don’t be available 24/7. Allow yourself to just BE 🙂

Lead Legs

I seem to be suffering from lead leg syndrome. Well at least that’s what I call it. Every run I do these days feels like I am trying to drag myself around on legs that are heavy! Now I know I am not over training as I said in my last entry….I am running less, so I am perplexed as to what it might be caused by. Unless…..

Here’s my theory….


There is way too much going on emotionally with me at this time and it is haivng an effect on my running fitness. I am not a whole bubble at the moment. Just goes to show you that fitness is not purely defined in physical terms, there is much more at play. Stress causes your heart rate to increase so your body is already working harder even before you start running. Stress stops you sleeping well, so you are tired during the day and have less energy as a consequence. Not sleeping well makes you eat more carbs the next day (I crave sweet things) and you don’t get the correct nutrition to restore your body systems after your exercise which causes more STRESS!

Like a hamster on a wheel…..you get the picture.

So I need to de-STRESS…….Meditation comes to mind, walks on the beach, having a short nap in the afternoons. I am going to try these things and see what happens. Anything has to be better than lead legs!

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