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Having A Cruisy Time

I am having a really cruisy time at the moment. That is with my fitness… In other areas of my life it is a trifle chaotic as we are busy moving cities and house hunting is proving a little bit of a challenge as the Auckland housing market is so ridiculous at present. We have seen a few places we like only to have them whipped out from under our noses at auction, and everything goes to auction…very frustrating. Anyway, I digress….

I guess in light of what is going on with my general life it is a good thing my fitness regime and in particular my running training is a bit more laid back at present. I do not have a specific race goal right now so I am just training for fitness. The other day I got back onto my bicycle, something I have not done in months, and pedalled into town to train my early morning clients. I experienced a new rush from doing something different. I came home a bit saddle sore but happy and invigorated.



I am going to do this again later in the week, gives the legs a break from all the running and makes me run faster. My time has dramatically improved now that I am not doing those looooong, slooooow runs anymore. The best thing is I have my mojo back which makes me even more determined to stick to the half and 10K distances. I really am not built for marathons!

So my next race goal will be something shorter but just as challenging and in the meantime I shall just keep on enjoying the relative freedom of general fitness training.


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