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A Slight Hiccup

I have had a slight hiccup which could put paid to my race. In the early hours of Tuesday morning I was bitten by a white tail spider while asleep in bed. By yesterday afternoon the bite looked horrible and so I went to A&E. Short story is I have had two doses of IV antibiotics and come away with oral antibiotics to take as well. I have an itchy, sore, blistered thumb with an enlarged lymph gland in my armpit. It appears as if it is getting better, hopefully it will be okay by Sunday. Here is a picture…..bit gross really!



You can see the fang marks!

The doctor said running on antibiotics should be fine as long as the infection isn’t too bad so I’ll have to see what happens in the next two days. Tomorrow we leave for the Gold Coast, so depending on how it goes I do the marathon, drop to the half or don’t run at all…..

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3 thoughts on “A Slight Hiccup

  1. Denise Louw on said:

    OMG that looks awful can you believe that a spider could cause so much havoc! Hope it settles in time to do the race after all your training.

  2. yuck, ever think of fumigating your house, lol, I hate spiders and I hate when they bite me when asleep I feel the pain later on in the day and can see two puncture wounds so I know ti is them I mean are they stupid ot not know the difference between flesh andblood and non living ground?

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