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A Teeny Blip

I am in a quandary. It seems I may have a teeny umbilical hernia. This is definitely NOT part of my planned lead up to the GC Marathon!

On Tuesday evening I got up from watching TV and noticed a tender area just below my belly button. There was a small lump there and my hubby suggested it may be a hernia. My brain refused to accept this and so I decided to wait until today to see if it went away. This is typical of me as I am not one to go screaming and yelling to the doctor at the slightest, or even more serious, sniffle or twinge. I prefer to see if my body will heal itself, as it should.

Anyway, I continued with my training on Wednesday and come yesterday morning as I was heading out for my 16km run, my friend also suggested it may be a hernia. So after my run I succumbed and rang the doctor and got an appointment for that evening. And so she also suggested it may be a very small hernia (it really is less than the size of a pea) and has written me a referral to the specialist. So now I wait for an appointment.

In the interim, my doctor thinks its fine that I continue to run, as she knows I am training for the GC, but I am now worried I may do more damage by doing this. I have a long 32km run on Sunday coming up and I don’t want to miss it. I also don’t want to make myself worse! And all this is whizzing around in my head as it is not a confirmed diagnosis yet.

So today I am in a quandary, which is possibly why I am procrastinating with doing my workout for today (strength and 6km easy run) as I am not sure if it is a good idea.



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