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Out With The Old

Yesterday I clocked 500km on my old shoes. I use a programme called logrun for tracking my training distance etc., and it came up in red on the log, bang on 500km. Fantastic timing as I had another pair on hold at the running store which I was collecting yesterday as well. I have bought a pair of Saucony Cortanas which have a 4mm drop, much like my trail shoes. They are so comfortable as they are much wider at the forefoot than the Hurricanes. And they are very bright, people shall see me coming.


I had wanted to take them for their inaugural run today, but it is raining and I don’t like getting my new shoes wet and dirty. So I am wearing them around the house until it clears up enough to take them out.

It has been rather wet here this week. After months of nothing we are having a few downpours which the dairy farmers are loving. I, on the other hand, am not loving it, even though it is good for the garden and the land, it is playing havoc with my running schedule this week. My week has been a bit all over the place due to two graduations we have had to go to. One, my daughters, was on Wednesday in Auckland and the other, my step daughters, in Hamilton on Thursday. So two days of driving and much sitting. I had hoped to get a run in before we left, on the Tuesday, but it absolutely pelted down all day, and there was no way I was going out for a run. So later in the day I settled for a Tabata workout instead. At least I got some cardio that day!

Thursday morning I managed to get in my first run since Sunday and I am having to play catch-up to get my mileage in for this week. I am going to fall short though, not by much, but I always feel bad when I do. In the big scheme of things, it is all good. My training for the Gold Coast marathon is going well and I am enjoying the long Sunday runs.

It has stopped raining….perhaps I shall head out now….


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