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Grumpy Slug!

This week has been a busy running week. I am fully into my marathon training schedule now physically, but my motivation on some days is lagging. I guess some weeks are like this….

Last Sunday we went out of daylight saving, and I find that when that happens, while I welcome the lighter mornings (as this is when I do most of my runs) the longer darker evenings make me feel “bearish” and that hibernation mode starts to kick in. Coupled with the cooler weather it now definitely feels like Autumn, and that means Winter is on the way, bringing with it colder temperatures, rain and frosty mornings. So I am feeling sluggish.

The best thing for me is to get out there and do some exercise, I need to keep active. If I don’t keep going, I get grumpy and very unpleasant to be around. I don’t even like myself if I miss a workout. So I have to motivate myself to get moving. The best thing for me is to get my training done at the beginning of the day, something I can’t always do given the nature of my job, and I then find it a chore to get out later and do that exercise. But I force myself, grumbling about it at the time.

The great thing about it is though, that I know I will feel good afterward and that keeps me going. Once I start moving and have warmed up, those feel good hormones kick in and I’m away! And then for the rest of the day I can have that sense of accomplishment of a job done and stave of the grumpiness.

So if like me you suffer from change of season scratchiness, just get out there and do it! You’re sure to feel better….


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