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How Plans Change

So I need a little feedback here…it’s not often I ask for help, so this is a biggie for me.

In light of my hubby’s injuries he will not be running with me as planned on The Gold Coast in July. We have our accommodation booked so we are going anyway, and I had my training schedule all sorted for the half marathon. Then the other day while running I had a light bulb moment and thought I may as well do the marathon as he isn’t running and we are going all the way there and what an experience it will be.

Now the dilemma hits! I have to start tomorrow with my training. I will only have 15 weeks to train for it and my mileage has to ramp up hugely and immediately. I know I was training for the Colville Connection and so my base is still there, so that doesn’t worry me too much. What I am having a dilemma about is what training programme to follow. I have one I got from Runner’s World magazine which has me running 5 times a week, and then there is the First to the Finish programme which has me running 3 days a week with 2 days of cross training added. So now I have to decide by tomorrow which one I am doing, as tomorrow is running day.

This also means my weight loss month is out of the window! I am not one who can change direction quickly when I have planned something so this is in itself quite a challenge. While I ponder which programme to follow, maybe someone out there may have some advice for me to help me come to a decision before I do my head in!


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7 thoughts on “How Plans Change

  1. 15 weeks definitely seems like enough time. I’m training for my first full marathon now with an 18 week training plan from Hal Higdon. I personally think cross training is really important (especially for first timers), so my initial thoughts lean towards the one that includes that. What is your weekly mileage at right now?

    • Hi there! Thanks for your thoughts šŸ™‚ It’s amazing how when you have had some sleep the next day things seem clearer. On revising both plans I can see that the more “traditional” one has room for cross training if I should wish so that’s all good. I agree, cross training is an excellent form of recovery. I was up to 55K a week before my last race at the beginning of the month, so base fitness is still there. Being my second marathon I should have no problem with 15 weeks.

  2. Cross-training is far safer for you, particularly if you’re suddenly doubling your anticipated distance. I’m also training for a marathon in 15 weeks/100 days and am cross-training: running, cycling, swimming. My marathon, the cerne abbas giant’s head is June 29, so will keep watching your blog! Mine is jenniferversusthe giant šŸ™‚

    • Hi Jennifer! Thanks for the input and thoughts. I definitely agree about cross training, and after some sleep realised the more “traditional” plan has room for it šŸ™‚ I shall certainly stop by your blog. Good luck for your marathon!

  3. Brennan Louw on said:

    Speed work and endurance speed work as your base is there in memory mode.Brennan

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