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Today I set out for a short run before doing some strength training. I was wearing a pair of Nike Frees. I have run in these before, just not recently, rather wearing them for gym workouts and when training my clients. Half way into my run my shin started to hurt! Needless to say I could not run any further and started walking, which also hurt! So I removed my shoes and proceeded to walk/jog home bare foot…which didn’t hurt as much.

When I got home I threw the Nikes into the discard box. I shall not be wearing them again. Since I returned home I have iced my shin twice and rubbed various potions into it. It still hurts. I am not impressed…..tomorrow we go to Colville for 4 days and it is a chance to try some of the dirt roads I will be running as well as try my new shoes on those roads. I can only hope the damage to my poor shin is not bad and that by tomorrow or Thursday it will be feeling okay again.

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2 thoughts on “Injured!

  1. Bummer about your injury, but please don’t throw out your Frees! They are really great shoes. Some people just need to get acclimated to the shoe since they require a different running style than traditional running shoes.

    • Thanks for the suggestion re the Frees 🙂 They are great shoes its just that this particular pair have passed their use by date. I had a look at the soles and they are pretty worn. They used to be fine for my short runs, I just need a new pair!

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