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I have been suffering for a few weeks now. The hay fever season came early for me, and I have been feeling really under the weather with my nose itching, running and sneezing, and my eyes watering and itching terribly. Apparently this year is very bad here in New Zealand, with a lot of my friends suffering as well. Even my family who don’t normally get any symptoms have been sneezing! I think it’s the privet!

What has all this meant for me and my running? Unfortunately, my hay fever got so bad this past Sunday, that I have ended up with what feels like a summer cold, and no running is happening at all! This has left me somewhat frustrated but not overly so as I am feeling so lethargic anyway. The cool morning air feels good on my face, but this is the time pollen counts are highest (apparently between 5 – 10 am) so therefore not a good time to be out. I thought I may do a weights workout today, but it is now feeling too hot…..]

On the positive side, my training for the Colville Connection does not start until Monday, so I am hoping that I will be better by then. I have made some dietary changes as well, by cutting out wheat and today is day one, so lets see how I go. At this point, short of getting a head transplant, I am prepared to try anything!


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