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Here’s where I will be running on March 9


I tried to find it today…..I ran up someones driveway!

One step forwards, three steps backwards

This is how I feel at present….having bad hay fever this year has meant I have had a much lower energy level, and consequently have not felt like running but make myself, and then feel like I am dragging my carcass around. On other days, like yesterday, my hay fever spirals out of control and I and up feeling like I have a cold, go to bed feeling yuck, and flag the run the next morning as I am still under the weather! So the frustration builds at not doing enough training for the Colville Connection…

So no run this morning, even though I was supposed to do some hill repeats. I did however do a strength session later in the day, so I guess it is not as if I have done nothing today. And the hay fever seems to have eased off again for now, which is great!

I am supposed to start training mostly off road now, to get used to trail running. Last Sunday I ran for about 1hr 15min at the Mount, first in one direction on the grass, then back along the beach, and finished with a lap of the base track. It felt really good to not be on the road, and I think I will do that one again either tomorrow or Sunday. The other day I feel like a trip up the Mount is necessary with a loop around the base track afterward (or even maybe two loops!) I find that running off road energises me more than road running, and I plan to get out into the bush as soon as my hay fever goes away. For now I am content to be at the beach, as it seems that the sea air cancels all the effects of the pollen that is floating around at the moment.


Soft, cool Summer rain

I think I got my mojo back. Today I did a lap of the Waikareao Estuary and it took me 50:20 which is the fastest I have done this in a while. The complete loop is about 8.5K so that was quite quick!

When I started out it was not not raining and I must admit to having one of those “should I shouldn’t I” moments. But once in my car I was determined to see it through as I knew that I would feel frustrated with myself later if I didn’t do it. As I was running, the rain started to fall, but it was soft rain, and cooling after the last few days of muggy heat, so it felt good to be out there, even if I was getting wet. I got pretty soaked, but no hay fever, as the rain has dampened down all the pollen, so I enjoyed the run.


Monday I start my training for the Colville Connection, lots of off road, off road hills and sand running. 21K through the bush and over a mountain is something I have not done before, so this will be an interesting journey.


I have been suffering for a few weeks now. The hay fever season came early for me, and I have been feeling really under the weather with my nose itching, running and sneezing, and my eyes watering and itching terribly. Apparently this year is very bad here in New Zealand, with a lot of my friends suffering as well. Even my family who don’t normally get any symptoms have been sneezing! I think it’s the privet!

What has all this meant for me and my running? Unfortunately, my hay fever got so bad this past Sunday, that I have ended up with what feels like a summer cold, and no running is happening at all! This has left me somewhat frustrated but not overly so as I am feeling so lethargic anyway. The cool morning air feels good on my face, but this is the time pollen counts are highest (apparently between 5 – 10 am) so therefore not a good time to be out. I thought I may do a weights workout today, but it is now feeling too hot…..]

On the positive side, my training for the Colville Connection does not start until Monday, so I am hoping that I will be better by then. I have made some dietary changes as well, by cutting out wheat and today is day one, so lets see how I go. At this point, short of getting a head transplant, I am prepared to try anything!

Listen to your body

Yesterday I was in no mood to do my planned run. I think I have become better at listening to my body and honouring my energy levels. I woke up feeling exhausted as I had not slept well the night before, here’s the reason…

We went to bed and lights went out at 10.20pm. Then at 12am my husband’s mobile phone was ringing. It was his son…please come and fetch him, he was in a bit of a pickle. Anyway, my hubby went off to do his fatherly duty, and I tried to get back to sleep. However, that was not to be….Firstly, the neighbours had in the interim started a party (according to my daughter, it started around 10.45pm) and I had been woken between 12 and 2am and this is the worst time to be awake as it puts your entire sleep cycle out of kilter!

On top of all the music noise, the neighbours were yelling and yahooing, so eventually I got up to ring Noise Control. There must have been many complaints about various things as I was then on hold, with a pre recorded message saying how valuable I was and playing some crappy music in my ear. So there I was listening to that on one side and the neighbours on the other…..say no more! This carried on for about 10 minutes until I finally was put through, to be told mine was the only complaint about this particular event so far and I was to call back in an hour if it did not die down and then they would send someone. So there I lay, unable to sleep for another 45 minutes until they closed their doors and it got somewhat quieter!

So when I finally got up at 7am I felt like I had been out on the town and had a terrible hangover, which of course I didn’t but that what it felt like. Needless to say the idea of running 60-75 minutes did not appeal and I ended up doing a 41 minute runaround the base track of Mount Maunganui instead. The best part of which was going to the café afterwards and having a banana smoothie.

Part of the base track

Part of the base track

Today is a rest day…..I am still feeling tired…..

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