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Big sigh….

ImageThis is how I feel when I have to go for my runs or do any other form of exercise these days…I just can’t seem to find the same enthusiasm I had when I was training for the Auckland Marathon. Perhaps the post marathon blues have only just hit me now, or maybe I really need a break from running….

In reality I don’t need to start training in earnest for the Colville Connection until mid December, so I could take a break. However, I also know I need to exercise everyday, otherwise I become ratty and fidgety. Then there is the issue of being mad at myself for being lazy, feeling bad because I have done nothing. And what happens to me then is I start to stuff my face!

And here’s the other thing… I know I should eat like this:


And here’s how I want to eat:


And over the last few weeks, I have succumbed to the temptation of too much in the biscuit, chocolate and muffin department so consequently this is happening:


By the way, that is not mine, I just feel that if I don’t get a hold of myself now, I’ll end up like that!

So there’s the Catch 22. What to do? Take a break from exercising….rest, relax, get my eating back on track. On just suck it up, stop whingeing and get on with it!


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3 thoughts on “Big sigh….

  1. Perhaps try something new – as you already said yourself, not exercising could leave you feeling ratty. Maybe you could find a training partner (joining a running club helped me get motivated this year). Good luck.

  2. For me I took a few days off then have just been doing short runs, I need to set myself a new goal.

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