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And so the next challenge begins……

It’s really interesting….I am over running on the road, through the streets. I have spent the last two weeks jogging on the grass and making the runs more interesting, zig zagging about. I don’t know whether this is because I have set my sights on my new challenge, the Colville Connection, or if I am genuinely bored with running on the road. Although….just having run in Auckland over the weekend made me think maybe I am just bored with the roads here in Tauranga. Whichever it is, the trails now appeal and that is where I am headed!

Today I am going to set out my training plan for the Colville Connection. I am still in recovery mode from the Auckland Marathon two weeks ago, a fact I discovered yesterday when running up some hills. They felt like Mount Everest, and although one of them looked like it as well, none of the others were particularly steep. So slowly does it for the following two weeks, building up the mileage again, but this time not using kilometers as a measure and rather time spent running. It will make it quite difficult to judge pace and distance run in shoes, so I shall have to use other ways to keep a check on things like that. So saying, It is quite liberating to just run on time and I am enjoying the experience.


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One thought on “And so the next challenge begins……

  1. I agree because I feel the same when I do any physical activity outside; nothing better than doing what you love, while keeping healthy at the same time:))

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