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5 days left to the big event!

Today is a public holiday. I am going to spend the day trying to relax and take my mind off the panic that is starting to bubble just beneath the surface of my calm exterior appearance. I have lots of nutritional material to read, so that will help with the carbo loading phase I am about to enter. It all feels a little surreal at this point.

From the day I decided to do this race until today, 5 days before the race, it seems as if no time has passed and that it was yesterday I entered. Where have all those months of training gone? It is the strangest feeling, as if at the edge of the mountain looking down a long slope, seeing the start at the bottom and knowing I have to climb out the other side to get to the finish line.

I have broken down the race into 5 parts in my head. First stage is the start to the base of the Auckland Harbour Bridge

File:Auckland Harbour Bridge Watchman.jpg

Stage two….up and over the bridge which has a length of 1,020 m (3,348 ft), with a main span of 243.8 m, rising 43.27 m above high water.

Stage three from the end of the bridge to the turn around in St Heliers Bay

Stage four to the start of the Port of Auckland

Final stage up and over the small road bridge which will feel like Mt Everest at that stage (speaking from experience as I ran over it, into a headwind, during my 25K run a few weekends ago) and then stagger the last few k’s to the finish line. I am not planning to do one of my speed-up-and-charge-over-the-line finishes this time, but if I have the energy I will definitely give it a go.

As I write all this I can feel my pulse rate increase as the nerves start to creep up on me again. All I can say at this point is I am happy to be over my cold, and really grateful I have no injuries or niggles!


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