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An aside in an otherwise normal taper week

I ran early this morning, 9K in total with 3K fast in the middle. It was 6.30am when I headed out and I was thinking to myself that next week I need to get up earlier to prepare body and mind for the incredibly early start to my marathon day. The race itself starts at 6.10am and I need to be there 20mins before to settle in and catch the pre-race briefing. Knowing me I will want to be there half an hour before, so factor in a half hour walk down to the start line, I will have to leave where we are staying at 5.10am. That is after I have some breakfast….you get the picture…..

Anyway, back to my run this morning….

That time of day is always interesting. As you head out, the roads are reasonably quiet, and within half an hour the amount of traffic has trebled and things have become pretty noisy. I always like to stay away from going-to-work traffic while running. People are in a hurry, focused on their day, not really paying attention very closely to non-wheeled things. There is this man, who I nearly ran over yesterday, who does not seem to share this idea. Yes, he wears a hi-viz vest over his luminous red t-shirt, but the idiot runs against the traffic, in the cycle lane, in the morning rush traffic. All this when there is a perfectly good footpath 1 metre to his right! I can only imagine what would happen if he encountered a cyclist going the correct way on a corner. On second thoughts, it may be better not to imagine as I am sure it would be quite messy.

At least I know first aid……


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