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On massage and breathing

I have had an interesting week which has made me realise even more that training for a marathon makes you aware of all sorts of things going on with your body than you would ever imagine. I get regular chiropractic adjustments, and last week the cramp in my diaphragm/abs seemed to be coming from my thoracic spine area. I also go for regular massage, and so had a massage on Wednesday. Here comes the interesting bit….

I have had cramp in my abs on my last three runs and have been trying to figure out what on earth it could be, thinking something out in my spine, tight muscles maybe? And, yes, I did have these things going on, but they were not the cause of it all….

During my massage, my therapist found that my muscle above my scapula was so tight that when she worked on it, it felt like she had stabbed me in the back with a sharp knife! This particular muscle had not been causing me any problems while running so I was confused as to how it could possibly have become so tight. The answer came the next day, when I went for my run.

I decided to give my planned run a miss as it was a speed-strength workout which consists of plyometric type exercises and 400m intervals, so as to give my upper back a rest. So I went for a slow 8K trot instead and discovered while doing that, that my breathing was all up the whack and I had quite literally forgotten how to breathe normally. Instead of my tummy going out on my in breath, my chest was going up, causing tension in, you guessed it, my upper back and shoulders! So I spent the rest of the run reprogramming my breath, and it required a lot of conscious thought on my behalf. I have not run since Thursday, have a short run today before 16K tomorrow, so I shall see how I go……hopefully it all settles down! There are only two weeks left until the big day!!


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