See it, aim for it and do it. Stretch yourself and grow!

Not long to go!

I am feeling rather ambivalent today. I am not nervous, and neither am I excited. race day is approaching and my mood is flattish. The temptation is there to do more exercise, and yet this is not what my body needs. It needs to taper, rest and rejuvenate, to get ready for the 28th. 18 days to go…..

On Sunday I ran 25K. I was up in Auckland and got to see some different scenery which made the first 18K a bit more pleasant. Then I had to run uphill all the way back to our motel and I may as well have been dragging a giant concrete block with me (at least it felt like that) The wind was in my face and I had had very little sleep the night before as some other guests had decided to come home at 12.30am and talk very loudly right outside our unit for over an hour, until Geoff asked them (very politely) to be quiet. I would not have been so polite and a few choice words were brewing. I have discovered that trying to run far on very little sleep makes for a very tiring run. The funny thing is that my time wasn’t too bad, go figure.

Oh well, short and sweet today as I really am in a weird head space!


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