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How the mind plays with you…..!

My last update was Saturday…..on Saturday I was feeling pretty positive about my abilities to complete the next day’s run of 32K. This is supposed to be the longest run you do before running the actual marathon distance, anything over that is said to be not necessary. Okay….

Let’s go back to the week of running I missed when I was sick…..it threw me out a week, all the long runs shuffled one week closer to the race date, and where I was going to have 2 Sundays to do 32K, it became only 1. While I was still not feeling very well, this was all very hunky dory because my energy was really not allowing me to think about benefits of long runs and missing runs, and generally taking a week off to lie around being sick. So back to last Sunday….

32K done and dusted….well, while I was doing it, it did not feel great! I have never talked to myself so much, taken so many walk breaks, questioned my sanity, and chafed as much during any run prior. On top of that, the ab muscle cramp returned and niggled from about 28K to the end, so it is obviouslt not talking that brought it on (or perhaps all the talking to myself did it!). I shuffled and puffed my way through the distance and then totally surprised myself when out of nowhere 1K to go, I sped up and blazed to the end. That did wonders for my confidence…..for about 5 seconds!

I then proceeded to question my ability to ever do that distance again, let alone 42K, and this conversation carried on in my head all day. Come Monday morning I was totally convinced that I would never manage it again and I should really do one more 32K before tapering. So after consulting a friend who has done triathlons, I decided to rejig my programme to allow another 32K run. This lasted for one day! Yesterday I then started to question my logic, and read some recent research (which I had read before and was following very wisely until I had that moment of insanity) which said that you should not be running long distance within 4 weeks of your race, and here’s why:


This is a really good article about the final 4 weeks taper. The 30 day programme is just an example of someones training, but the session ideas are good. However it is the do’s and don’t that I like best, and they served to allay all my fears…

So today all is well in my running world. I am more tired than usual which is normal, and my legs feel tired when I run slow, or up hills. I guess the slow twitch muscle needs a break, which is what it will get now. These last few days have been an excellent lesson in how your mind can play games with your intuition and logic. What a journey this has been, and continues to be, and I am feeling more and more that training for a marathon is as much about training your mind as it is your body!


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