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8 Weeks to go!

So today I had my longest run ever! I ran 23K, albeit rather slowly, but I ran it. It felt like I was shuffling along, shuffle, shuffle, shuffle, my feet did not want to pick up any higher than what felt like 2mm of the ground. I guess today was one of those days when the run seems like a tooth extraction!

Today’s run took me 2.5hrs. I ran rather slowly and according to my running log calculator I should do the marathon in 4hrs 30min, which is what I had predicted myself, but now it seems I am getting slower as last weeks prediction was 4.20…. I am hoping that the hills in the race are not quite as steep as the ones I am training on.

My mind is okay though, no more panic, well, at least not this week. And the other great thing is that the writing part of my studies is done, so now I can update my escapades more often as I have more time! So expect to hear from me a bit more now, and roll on the marathon!

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