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Much needed update!

Been a bit quiet lately, sorry….

Being sick kind of threw me off my routine. It was hard to cope with the frustration of not being able to complete my training runs, and then having to slowly get back into it again. At least I was spared a full blown flu as it went up into my nose and then left me a bit tired and flat. Which was hardly what my most recent long run was!

On Sunday I ran 29K and I did it in a particularly hilly route (or at least it felt really hilly to me) I guess it could be called an undulating route, a bit like the marathon is going to be. Needless to say, afterwards I was sore and I can only guess the reason is that I had missed the previous week due to the bot! So I hobbled around for the rest of the day. I also had my first experience of cramp while running, but I got it in my ab muscle! I think it was because I started talking at about 27K after running in silence by myself until then. Geoff joined me for the final lap around the Mount and that is what did me in. I slowed to a shuffle and walked and running downhill was super painful, but I finished, so that’s the main thing!

This Sunday is the biggest run ever! 32K! I have to plan a route that does not include going anywhere near the Mount this time as there is a race on and I don’t want to get caught up in all of that. So the next challenge is to find a new long run route. I shall tell you all about it next time.

A Momentary Hiccup

For the past three days I have been feeling yucky. Sort of like the flu, but not quite. No fever, just a few aches in my throat and tummy. Consequently, this morning I have not done my long run. I was supposed to do 29K today, it is not going to happen.

There is nothing fantastically momentous about being ill, but the mind games ones head plays are very interesting. My logical brain was saying “You need to rest” and my training brain was saying “You’re missing an important training run”. The battle was on….and luckily my logical brain won. I did do some research though, on good ol” Google, to clam myself down and make myself realise that missing one long run was not going to hijack my entire training block. After 2-3 days of rest, you are not going to lose your fitness, and your body does not forget how to run long. It has been a good learning experience for me in scaling back and allowing the body to rest when it is screaming at you for exactly that! And I have also learnt that in any marathon training schedule, you are bound to have hiccups along the way, simply due to the massive stress you put your body under each week.

Time to relax now, enjoy the day…it is raining quite hard, so this is a blessing in disguise as I will not get soaked plodding along doing 29K in the wind and rain today!

What a run that was!

So this weekend just passed we drove down to Wellington for a break. I love road trips and am always excited to be leaving and enjoying the journey. This time I was having the added excitement of a long run in the Capital, 25K planned. On top of that was the added excitement of the wild weather forecast! Okay….mmmmm.

The journey down was pretty uneventful, no wild weather yet, So I thought to myself “This is not too bad, maybe the forecast is being exaggerated…”. We arrived in Wellington, bit windy, nothing to crazy, had some dinner out and went to our accommodation to bunk down for the night.

And the next day…….what wild weather! Wind gusts to 140km per hour, crazy rain…..nooooooo!

So the easy 5K prep run got done on the treadmill. Oh how I detest treadmill running. It’s like being a hamster, going nowhere, nothing to look at, but just forget to pay attention for one moment and you’re off, flung against the far wall, dignity in tatters…..

That over, we set out to drive the route I had planned for my 25K the following day. It made for an interesting drive! The wind was so strong that the sea was blowing across the road like rain, no planes were landing….we saw one take off and it appeared to blow backwards for a few minutes. Needless to say, it was apparent that should the weather behave like this on Sunday, I would once again be doomed to the treadmill. there was no way I would remain upright or even on the footpath if I tried to go out in that weather. You see this is the problem when you are training for a marathon….you can not miss the long run, it is the key (well at least in my head it is)

I am stubborn though, people will agree with me, those that know me well. When we got back, I hooped on to the MetService website and had a look at what was to come and there it was! A small gap in the crazy weather, just when I needed to go and do my long run. So I set about planning a new route, which would be more protected from the wind should it be an issue.

Sunday dawned a bit less windy. There was some sun and it seemed as if I would be okay running my new route. So inspired, I set off at 7am, with my back up water bottle all sorted. Now here I must put in a little bit of useful information….there is no way you can prepare for a marathon without some help. You need support, whether it is physical, emotional, psychological…..My support comes in the form of Geoff, my fantastic husband, who will meet me to give me more water, ferry me to and from finishing and starting points, motivate me when I doubt myself and just be there for me. You do not run a marathon by yourself, your family runs it with you.

So back to Sunday…..I set off, not much wind, beautiful day, no rain. I was going really well, met Geoff just before the half way point, and he joined me as I carried on to the turn around point. From then on it got interesting….

I missed the turnaround so ran further than expected, no problem I thought, I’ll just cut the run short at the end. Heading back I noticed that the wind felt stronger and the closer I got to Oriental Bay the windier it got. And then I reached the stretch I was dreading, for I knew this is where the prevailing wind doth blow almighty strong, and it was! And I proceded to run on the spot, blow backwards, have to walk backwards into the wind, chase my cap down the road, get laughed at and try to make it round the corner.

Which I finally did….obviously, otherwise I would still be there, tied to a pole or something.

So that was my run, I did finish it early and still managed to run too far. The final distance was 26.3K, longest ever for me, and from now on each week will be my longest ever for me run, until I start to taper in October.

8 Weeks to go!

So today I had my longest run ever! I ran 23K, albeit rather slowly, but I ran it. It felt like I was shuffling along, shuffle, shuffle, shuffle, my feet did not want to pick up any higher than what felt like 2mm of the ground. I guess today was one of those days when the run seems like a tooth extraction!

Today’s run took me 2.5hrs. I ran rather slowly and according to my running log calculator I should do the marathon in 4hrs 30min, which is what I had predicted myself, but now it seems I am getting slower as last weeks prediction was 4.20…. I am hoping that the hills in the race are not quite as steep as the ones I am training on.

My mind is okay though, no more panic, well, at least not this week. And the other great thing is that the writing part of my studies is done, so now I can update my escapades more often as I have more time! So expect to hear from me a bit more now, and roll on the marathon!

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