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A Momentary State of Panic

For some obscure reason, yesterday I experienced a momentary state of panic. My head got in the way. Thoughts of “I can’t do this” and “I’ll never make it” circulated in my brain. The rising feeling of very active butterflies started in my stomach, and I felt rather scared. I guess this is a very normal feeling when preparing for an event that is a total unknown. Or not?

Last weekend I went for my long run as usual on Sunday morning. I had a really good run that day, and felt strong at the end, energised even. It was 19K and I did it in 2:01:01. Slower than a race time, but that is the way to do it apparently, run slow on the long runs. On Tuesday I then went out and did a 13K tempo run, okay I thought, week’s going well here, still feeling good, got home, sat down to enter the time and distance into my running programme and realised that if I continued with what I set myself as a training schedule I would be doing waaaaaay to much mileage for the week. So the rest of this past week has been very cruisy, just a few 5K runs.

This morning was one of those 5K days, on the schedule as an easy run as I have a long one again tomorrow. Now, I have just read an article in the latest Runner’s World magazine that was talking about speed and how a lot of runners do their easy runs too fast. I happen to be one of those runners, always in a hurry, so I thought “today I go slowly”. Oh my goodness! I ended up more exhausted from that run than I felt after my long run on Sunday, and I think it was from the sheer mental exhaustion of constantly making myself slow down and stick to the easy pace. The interesting thing is that my time was not much more on paper, just felt a lot longer on foot. Lessons learnt!

In case you’re interested here’s the link to the running log download, it’s a great tool:



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