See it, aim for it and do it. Stretch yourself and grow!

Ponder while running….

Running gives me time to think. Random thoughts pop into my head, kind of like meditation. I suppose it’s my “me” time. Today was no different, although little body niggles were distracting me from the quieter spaces of my mind. First it was my hip, then the other one, felt like someone was sticking tiny little pins into them…and I had only been going for one minute! Then my knee felt niggly, then my heel. Ridiculous really, I think it’s just nerves about tackling this marathon.

Needless to say, I kept on running and ended up having quite a fine time, I had lots of energy, the niggles stopped, I even laughed when I stepped in the muddiest puddle and totally soaked my shoe and sock….the rain keeps coming….

Today I ran around the estuary, you can read about it here:
I have no idea how slowly the person they measured for the estimated time was though. I ran it plus a bit more in just under an hour (nearly 10K)

Back again soon……


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