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Busy, busy, busy…

It’s been a crazy lot of weeks and I have been at my computer but nowhere near updating my running escapades. Just been too busy, too tired at night and in a “can’t be fuzzed” mood. Not sure where that’s come from, but there it is.

Interestingly though, that mood has coincided with a real doubt as to whether I can do this marathon. All sorts of questions have popped into my head…can my body handle it? Can my brain handle it? How will I ever make the distance? Things are hurting now, how can I possibly do 42.2K? All these questions have been buzzing around in my head while I have been running, which has made me more tired and not allowed me to enjoy my runs very much.

Last weekend I did my longest run ever, 22K in the howling wind. For about 90% of the time I either had a head wind or a cross wind and it felt like I was running as slow as a snail. A friend of mine happened to see me that day and said the look on my face was far from one or enjoyment and I must agree, I was not enjoying the experience at all. I ended that run wondering even more if I would ever run this race, especially when in the final 10 minutes it bucketed down with rain and drenching me that badly that my shoes were squishing.

However, this experience taught me a lesson….no matter how bad something feels, you always feel better when it is done, and I decided then and there that I have been putting far too much pressure on myself to perform perfectly, and re-jigged my entire training programme from now forward. Consequently I really enjoyed my run today, even though it took in four reasonably steep hills. I felt strong and alive as I was running and it felt really good to be back with that feeling.

So that’s it in a nutshell…

Oh! And I have made a commitment now to update my rabbitings on at least twice a week, so watch this space!


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