See it, aim for it and do it. Stretch yourself and grow!

127 Days, 15 Hours and 11 Minutes to go!

No, I did not calculate that myself, it is on the website and why on earth I did not think of that ages ago, I have no idea! Moving on….

I am starting to ramp up my training again, a few weeks of downtime, eating a bit too indulgently, doing less running, hardly any strength training, and whoops, 1kg heavier than before, all around the mid section! Not exactly where I would like to be, fatter…

Yesterday Geoff and I went for a run around the Mount (http://www.tikitouring.co.nz/bay-of-plenty-mount-maunganui.htm). We did two laps and it felt really good. The sun was just coming up, it was chilly but a good temperature to run in. 

Today was a strength training day and I think I shall be paying for it tomorrow. Things hurt a bit…..

Mentally I am in a good space. I know I can do this and it feels like the right time. It has taken a while to get my head around the correct training schedule for me. I have to take into account that I work two jobs and also have a family, as well as being a little older than I think I am! haha! However, I think I have it sussed now and this programme I have set myself should keep me motivated, strong and building up in an injury free way.

Onwards and upwards……


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