See it, aim for it and do it. Stretch yourself and grow!


Why am I waking up every morning at 4.15am! It’s certainly playing havoc with my energy levels! Anyway the reason for the title today is because that’s how I felt when I went for my run today. I really do not like running later in the day, I am an early morning runner now. I never used to be, I used to run late afternoon/evening, but now I don’t have energy later in the day for running. Curious….

I set off after a small snack (don’t think I left enough time before heading out to digest my food) and immediately felt sluggish. Food in tummy, chilly wind blowing, early wake up and late run all added up to YUCK! I had no idea where I was going to run today, I just knew I had to do about 35 minutes and I wanted to stay in the sun. So I followed an old route I used to do that goes through a bit of “bush” behind our sub-division. Unfortunately a hilly run was not really what I was after so I battled even more. What amazed me though was that when I got back and entered my time and distance into the computer, I wasn’t really much slower than Tuesday. So there you have it, you may feel like it’s the worst run you’ve done, but actually it wasn’t so bad after all.


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