See it, aim for it and do it. Stretch yourself and grow!


It is really cold today! After all the wonderful crisp sunny days we’ve been having, today has turned out cold, overcast and grey. So I am really glad today is pegged as a rest day. It’s quite hard getting my head around the concept of a rest day. It supposed to be good for you, allowing the body to repair and regenerate after intense training. My head keeps telling me to go out and do some exercise when I’m supposed to be resting, so having this icy weather is helping to keep me indoors and drinking hot chocolate…..yum!

I have quite a bit of study to do, so I think the rest of this afternoon will be head down, bum up at my desk, plodding through one of the workbooks I need to finish. Also I plan to count how many days it is until the Great Event so I can keep track of it for myself and all of you as well. In effect it is 4 and a half months away! Yikes! Seems too soon…..


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