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Half Marathon done, and the lull before the craziness!

Sorry, been absent from writing for a bit. I think after the half marathon I needed to rest everything….body, brain, diet! The race itself went okay, I did find myself feeling mildly dizzy in the second half and figured out at the end of it I must have been a bit dehydrated. Lessons learned….drink a little bit more next time. My time was better than the previous year though, so that was a positive. I did 2:01:47 so am feeling good about that.

Last week I hardly ran at all, only twice, but did 3 walks as well and then on Sunday we went for a cycle along the Hauraki Rail Trail ( http://www.haurakirailtrail.co.nz/ ) We did the Karagahake to Paeroa bit. It was peddle peddle all the way as the gradient is pretty flat. it is 14km one way so it was quite a peddle for me not being used to biking.

This week I have walked, run once taking in 2 hills and am feeling good. It feels like the half was ages ago and I am ready to kick into the next level of training for the full marathon. Slowly does it though and today is a strength training day. Have to keep that up as I go along to keep strong and flexible. I think the hardest part for me is going to be allowing myself the rest days. I know they are necessary and I have difficulty sitting still! It will be good training for my mind!

Until tomorrow…..


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