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Two sleeps to go

Yesterday I had a terrible run. It felt like pulling teeth, which isn’t so strange as I had been to the dentist the day before. In an nutshell, I have two crowns opposite each other and because they are not natural tooth matter, the tooth next to one of the crowns was slowly getting forced away in the opposite direction. Consequently, food was getting majorly stuck inbetween the two teeth and irritating my gum. So the uncrowned tooth needed to be made bigger to fill the gap.Long story short, my teeth are now nice and close and I am sore! The dentist said it will take a few days to sort itself out. This is not the best news as I have two sleeps to go to the half marathon on Sunday!

Apart from all that, I have a sore calf/shin/knee which has been going on for a while and suddenly has decided to get worse again, as well as all sorts of aches and pains that are appearing. On top of all that, I feel sluggish and like I can’t run 21.2K. All this Geoff (my husband for those of you who don’t know) assures me is normal for me, it’s all in my head and I do this every time I am about to run a 21.2K race. This does not bode well for the full marathon later this year. Already I am second guessing my training plan. My head is struggling to come to terms with everything I need to plan – food, runs, strength training, stretching, cross training….so much information out there….

But there’s no point worrying about it this weekend as I have the race to run. 


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