See it, aim for it and do it. Stretch yourself and grow!

Gearing up for the half…….

So Sunday is the half marathon, and I am feeling mildly off about it! Not sure why I am feeling like this. I got home from morning work today and ate a whole lot of chocolate for no reason and then omitted to do my strength training. I know this is not the best nutrition for pre-race fueling….so it goes.

We spent the weekend in Colville, on the motorbike, did one dirt road, had a really relaxing weekend, ate too much (I am beginning to see a common theme here) and enjoyed some good company. I definitely needed the break, too many early morning starts are getting the better of me. Two jobs, study, running training, and family is a lot to pack into one day, and I have been feeling rather stretched lately. There is a light at the end of this tunnel though, I can see it glimmering in the distance.

So onward and upward towards the marathon we go! Accommodation is booked for the night before, I was clever and found somewhere on the same side of the bridge as the start so I don’t have to wake up at a really ridiculous hour and travel via ferry to the start. The Auckland Marathon is a one way race, over the harbour bridge, which is normally closed to foot traffic. I am excited about running over it! 

After Sunday’s race, I am taking three weeks down time in my training, before ramping up for the 18 week lead up to the 28th October. While I am “resting” I am going to research nutrition as I reckon that is where my weakest area of knowledge lies. I need to formulate an eating plan that will sustain me through the months of training…..

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