See it, aim for it and do it. Stretch yourself and grow!

159 days to go

Here’s hoping that I have the day count correct!

While out for my run this morning I saw the funniest thing…a man was walking his dogs (nothing really funny about that, all pretty normal) and I know it’s a good idea when cycling to have lights…..this man had provided his dogs with headlamps! So here was this apparition that walked towards me in the dark, three lights, one on each dog and one on the lead that joined them together! Needless to say I did have to control my laughter….

My run went well though, ran 8K and came back home feeling like I could carry on. It was cold though! 4.5 deg, gloves and beanie weather. I am busy tapering for the half marathon in June, so enjoying the lower distances at the moment. Still wondering at my sanity for the 42.2K!

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