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Gearing up for the half…….

So Sunday is the half marathon, and I am feeling mildly off about it! Not sure why I am feeling like this. I got home from morning work today and ate a whole lot of chocolate for no reason and then omitted to do my strength training. I know this is not the best nutrition for pre-race fueling….so it goes.

We spent the weekend in Colville, on the motorbike, did one dirt road, had a really relaxing weekend, ate too much (I am beginning to see a common theme here) and enjoyed some good company. I definitely needed the break, too many early morning starts are getting the better of me. Two jobs, study, running training, and family is a lot to pack into one day, and I have been feeling rather stretched lately. There is a light at the end of this tunnel though, I can see it glimmering in the distance.

So onward and upward towards the marathon we go! Accommodation is booked for the night before, I was clever and found somewhere on the same side of the bridge as the start so I don’t have to wake up at a really ridiculous hour and travel via ferry to the start. The Auckland Marathon is a one way race, over the harbour bridge, which is normally closed to foot traffic. I am excited about running over it! 

After Sunday’s race, I am taking three weeks down time in my training, before ramping up for the 18 week lead up to the 28th October. While I am “resting” I am going to research nutrition as I reckon that is where my weakest area of knowledge lies. I need to formulate an eating plan that will sustain me through the months of training…..

158 days to go….

Today was a non-running day. I only do 4 runs a week to save the ligaments and tendons….

Did my weights after a really chilly walk to warm up! The rest of the day was go, go, go, go to the point where I am now stuffed and can’t think of anything remotely interesting that happened today. Apart from a visit to the dentist which isn’t really interesting, but I have to have some work done next week, the week before I run the half. Here’s hoping it all goes well and that it doesn’t hurt too much!

On that note, I am off to watch some mindless TV while blobbing on the couch.

159 days to go

Here’s hoping that I have the day count correct!

While out for my run this morning I saw the funniest thing…a man was walking his dogs (nothing really funny about that, all pretty normal) and I know it’s a good idea when cycling to have lights…..this man had provided his dogs with headlamps! So here was this apparition that walked towards me in the dark, three lights, one on each dog and one on the lead that joined them together! Needless to say I did have to control my laughter….

My run went well though, ran 8K and came back home feeling like I could carry on. It was cold though! 4.5 deg, gloves and beanie weather. I am busy tapering for the half marathon in June, so enjoying the lower distances at the moment. Still wondering at my sanity for the 42.2K!

Hello world!

I have 160 days to go until the Auckland Marathon. I sat down at the computer the other day to enter my training programme into my template. At the end of the exercise, I was questioning my ability to complete this task I have set myself. I am not really sure why I want to do a marathon, just something that feels like it needs to be done after completing a few halves…..

I have no doubt I can do it physically, I think it is the mental aspect that daunts me at this stage, and everything I have heard is that a marathon is more mental (especially near the end)

Anyway, I have started this blog for myself and also for you (if you’re interested) as an account of my journey. One day at a time……

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